STUDIOFINOROSSI was born in 1996, from a project of Antonella Lombroso Basevi  and Nunzio Fino.

 The  partners, committed in the fashion field since 1985, thanks to their activity, brought  experience, credibility and success to the company.

In the 90’s STUDIOFINOROSSI  become one of the leading showroom  in the middle-high level brand distribution, starting marketing collaborations with the most important fashion companies.

During the following years STUDIOFINOROSSI started up many partnership including Luciano Soprani, Romeo Gigli, Nolita, Rare,, Only di Carla Carini, Clavin Klein Jeans, CK39, Vespa, Nokia, Valeria Marini for Seduzioni Diamonds and many others, becoming the brand head office and the main distributor for the Italian and foreign market in order to expand on the concerned territories.

            In 1999 STUDIOFINOROSSI  acquired the VDP brand distribution of Via Delle Perle; favoured by a series of important successes, it has moved the VDP collections from the multibrand showroom of via Forcella 9/A, to the dedicated  structure situated in Via Montenapoleone 1,  inaugurated in 2005.

            The project evolution brought STUDIOFINOROSSI and Via Delle Perle to modify their collaboration relationship, allowing Antonella Lombroso Basevi and Nunzio Fino to qualify their figure of agent into that of manager of Via Delle Perle , managing the prestigious corporate showroom of  Via Montenapoleone 20.

            The projects development  allowed STUDIOFINOROSSI to face a new mission, working in partnership with One Way for the well-known brand Siviglia with important goals for the brand expansion in the foreign market and the communication management with SCP Italy, becoming the One Way head quarter.

Today STUDIOFINOROSSI after several years of research and activity in the fashion world, can be stated as a reality of excellence in the fashion system. The previous collaborations with some of the most prestigious brands and designers of the made in Italy allowed STUDIOFINOROSSI to undertake a considerable evolution: from the classical representation agency into a much more complete reality  of managing activity.

In addition to the partners who have specific skills in the amministrative, financial, commercial, marketing and visual merchandising fields, nowadays the structure rely on a dynamic team who take the company mission as a behaviour model.

The high level of professionalism that characterized the entire staff  ensures the represented company brands  about  a high level service, that make STUDIOFINOROSSI an excellent partner for a middle-high target.

In its logistic structuration STUDIOFINOROSSI  had a modern-technologic head quarter in via Forcella 9/A ( Tortona area) situated in one of the most important fashion district of Milan, where takes place the most prestigious multi-brand showrooms and another one in via Montenapoleone 1, in the heart of the fashion headquarter.

An accurate research of brands with different styles, original and trendy, forms in the activity of STUDIOFINOROSSI a constant, necessary in order to obtain heterogeneous competent markets.

During the last seasons the most meaningful brands represented in the Via Forcella 9/A location are: Paris Hilton Clothing Line, Love in the City, Misuraca by Gianfranco Fenizia, Transit, Mod, Priveè, Tomaso Stefanelli, Peresteso, Chandelier, Rizieri, Jeans Tattoo, Bresciani,Siviglia man,Siviglia women,Siviglia white.


STUDIOFINOROSSI operates on the basis of a long experience in the Italian and foreign market, obtaining the best performances in Lombardia, Piemonte, Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily, Russia ex URSS, East Europe, Far and Middle East.

The channel distribution used for Man/Women and Kids line are the Department Stores, the Specialty Stores, situated in the most important and strategic fashion world locations.

The main aim of STUDIOFINOROSSI is to work in strong synergy with the companies, giving its knowledge and operative abilities, which are necessary to realize a structured commercial-comunicative planning,  in order to increase the results and the potentiality of the brand in the fashion system.

STUDIOFINOROSSI is based on a long experience on Italian and foreign territories with excellent performance in Lombardia, Piemonte, Liguria, Sardegna, Sicilia, Russia, ex Sovietic Union, Est Europa, Middle Orient, Extreme Orient.

The distribution channels used for the Man / Woman and Child lines are the Department Store, Speciality Stores, located in the most important and strategic location of the fashion world.

STUDIOFINOROSSI ‘ s object is to work in synergy with the companies,offering their knowledge and practical skills, necessary to carry out a structured sales and communicative planning, in order to increase the achievements and the potential of the brand in the fashion industry.